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Gumusdoga Pet Food

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Company Info
Gumusdoga is a producer since 1997. We are the biggest fish feed and dry pet food factory in Turkey. We manufacture dry dog and cat food with a production team that has 20 years of experience in the pet food sector.

We are confident that our financially strong company will be successful in the pet food sector. With an annual turnover of 650 million USD that reflects our commitment to the industry.
This financial power helps us to reach quality raw materials with high tonnage in cash for 12 months. As a Gumusdoga factory, we have 5 extruder lines. Two of them are pet food product lines and three of them are fish feed product lines. We have a separate production line for cat and dog food. We are proud to be producing 10,000 tons per month with our 3000 employees and experienced team. We are thrilled to make new collaborations with our export history to 55 countries.

As a Homie, we analyze each raw material's DNA in our laboratory, and raw materials are stored in 500 m2 cold storage without losing their freshness and nutritional value. So, this provides standardization of our product quality. Homie is produced and packaged untouched using high technology to reach the end consumer with the taste of the first day.

We are looking for reliable business partners who aim to grow together.
Contact Details
Company Name: Gumusdoga Pet Food
Key Contact: Mrs.Ferhan Aldemir
Job Title: Sales Director
Address: Akyol Mahallesi Merkez Sokak No:240/A Milas-Muğla
Province/State: Turkey
Country/Region: Turkiye
Star Web:https://gumusdoga.petsglobal.com
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter, Manufacturer Private Label
More Contacts
General Manager Mrs.Berna Oktay berna.oktay@homiepetfood.com   05382711245
Sales Director Mr.Burak Soyer burak.soyer@homiepetfood.com   05397217636

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